What We Offer

Good Shepherd Primary is a vibrant learning community where excellence in education is our goal. We have some outstanding facilities in our school to assist in providing high quality learning and teaching experiences.

Our library, ‘The Treasury’, is a treasure trove of information and opportunities just waiting to be discovered; and is an excellent centre for investigation and research. With an outstanding range of quality children’s literature available to read and borrow, it is a popular venue with the students. A bank of computers is available for students to locate books in the library, or to access the internet for research.

Our technology facilities are continually growing to support our staff and students as they keep pace with the changing world in which we live. All classrooms have computers and laptops that access the internet and school computer network. These computers enhance learning tasks, as well as allow students to develop specific technology skills. We also have a further bank of portable laptops that are utilised by all grades. The students also use digital cameras, data projectors and a range of software programs to support their learning.