Greener pastures at Good Shepherd!

Good Shepherd Primary School Principal Patricia Carr cuts the ribbon to officially open the new school oval

This year, Good Shepherd Primary Plumpton celebrated their Feast Day by opening their beautiful new school oval!

The school community celebrated Good Shepherd Day with a picnic and a fun Sheep Muster on the oval. Year 6 students had the task of 'rounding up' the Kindergarten students who were dressed as lambs, with not a lost sheep in sight!

Axzel and Kaelan from 6G said the celebration was “one of the best celebrations this year“ and they enjoyed seeing everyone running around on the oval, especially during the first ever Kindy/ Year 6 Sheep Muster!

“We also found it funny when the ribbon would not cut and it took a few minutes to cut through. It was very surprising to see that more parents came to have a picnic and eat food to celebrate the grand opening than when we have assembly each Monday," Axzel and Kaelan also said.

Families joined their children on the new school oval during a special community picnic to celebrate Good Shepherd Day

Rosieann from KR said she enjoyed making masks and being a part of the Sheep Muster with her Year 6 buddies, while Vanessa from 1B said her favourite part of the day was wearing mufti and seeing her friends in their cultural clothes.

Jasmine from 2B thinks the new soccer field in the oval is “awesome” and Lucas from 4B enjoyed listening to the story of the Good Shepherd and drawing a picture of himself which was included on a special quilt to mark the occasion.

What a great way to celebrate the opening of the new school oval, Good Shepherd Primary School!

Good Shepherd Primary students said they enjoyed the celebrations especially all the fun of the Kindy/Year 6 Sheep Muster