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  2017 On Broadway Ticket Information

Ticket information for On Broadway production

  Application for Extended Leave form

Leave of 4 days or less should be requested by parents/carers in writing by email or a written note to the Principal. This letter of request should be addressed to the Principal prior to commencing the leave period indicating the specific reason or purpose for the request of leave. If the leave is for 5 or more school days, this will require a formal application for leave by completing an Application for Extended Leave form. An interview is also required with the Principal prior to taking leave for 10 or more days.

  Building Child Safe Communities Note

New forms for all volunteers and contractors

  COSHC Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest form

  Items required for School 2017

Students require the attached items for School 2017

  2017 On Broadway Ticket Information

Ticket information for On Broadway production

  Canteen Menu Term 1 2017

Term 1 2017 Canteen Menu

  Cybersmart Guide for Families

This Cybersmart Guide for Families is produced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) and is part of the Australian Government’s broad cybersafety program.

  Cybersmart Guide to Online Safety

A brochure advising tips for Online Safety.

  Getting Kids to School on Time

Ideas and tips on how to get your children to school on time. Published by Michael Grose.

  Helping kids with Homework

This issue: Michael Grose talks about some practical tips on managing homework.

  IQ or Persistence

Imagine at the birth of your child you are given a choice between bestowing great intelligence or great persistence on your baby. Which would you choose?

  Making the most of School Holidays

Parenting ideas to make the most of the school holidays.